Aqwise to launch its new drinking water facility at WATEC 2013 Exhibition and Conference

Tel-Aviv, Israel, WATEC Show, October 2013 – Aqwise, a leading provider of advanced and innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions, will present its new technological developments during the WATEC 2013 Conference and Exhibition – in Tel Aviv during October 22-24.
The company’s latest innovative solutions focus on biological drinking water treatment – treating ground water and surface water. In addition, Aqwise will also present its most recent case studies in various fields, using the company’s core technologies – the AGAR® aerobic solution, and the DACS® anaerobic solution.
Biological drinking water treatment is a natural, cost-effective and sustainable solution, for treatment of polluted surface water, as well as various ground water contaminations (such as nitrates, perchlorates and organics). Aqwise technology for drinking water is implemented in Kibbutz Sdot Yam, in the northern part of Israel, where wellwater is treated and supply clean drinking water for the region. It is also implemented in a major project in the city of Agra in India, home of the famous Taj Mahal, providing drinking water from the contaminated Yamuna river, for over 2 million people.
In addition, Aqwise completed in the past year several new large scale wastewater treatment projects in various countries, in the municipal and industrial fields (such as a pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and petrochemicals), reaching over two hundred installations worldwide.
Aqwise, which has recently launched a new and interactive website, will host visitors and delegaions from over 15 countries during the WATEC 2013 Exhibition and Trade Fair, which will also visit its local installations.