Anaerobic biological treatment for wastewater is a very effective technology, particularly for heavily loaded large-scale industrial applications, mainly in the Food & Beverage and Pulp & Paper markets. In anaerobic conditions, wastewater is converted into biogas with low excess sludge, hence presenting a highly cost-effective treatment method.

DACS® (Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System) is an innovative breakthrough in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment. It is a patented high rate anaerobic process utilizing Aqwise Biomass Carriers at a unique hydraulic pattern, resuling in a highly flexible design and stable performance.

The main advantage of this technology stems from the use of a down flow distribution method of the wastewater on to Aqwise Biomass Carriers as media for anaerobic bacterial attachment.  The end result is a smaller footprint, more robust process with superior performance when compared to conventional anaerobic systems. Moreover, this approach enables industrial clients to use ready-available tanks, in various forms, shapes and structure materials, as well as the ability to retrofit existing reactors into an anaerobic process. The return on investment for these clients significantly improves.

DACS® is therefore expanding the anaerobic market and providing also small to medium industrial plants, as well as unique production processes, with an access to this technology.

Aqana BV, an Aqwise Joint Venture, develops and implements the company’s anaerobic projects.