Anaerobic biological treatment for wastewater is a very effective technology, particularly for heavily loaded large-scale industrial applications, mainly in the Food & Beverage and Pulp & Paper markets. In anaerobic conditions, wastewater is converted into biogas with low excess sludge, hence presenting a highly cost-effective treatment method.

The DACS® DANA hybrid process provides an end-to-end solution for clients with high- load wastewater that are required to meet stringent discharge or reuse limits.

In this configuration the anaerobic DACS® reactor is followed by an aerobic polish of an AGAR® MBBR reactor.  The flexibility of the DACS® reactor geometry allows putting the aerobic reactor on top of the anaerobic one, thus significantly reducing overall system footprint, a significant advantage for industrial facilities with limited space.

Moreover, streamlining the two processes supplied by a single vendor provides the client with a “one-stop-shop” approach and full integration of biological processes.

Aqana BV, an Aqwise Joint Venture, develops and implements the company’s anaerobic projects.