Drinking Water Solutions

Potable water is becoming scarce worldwide due to increased demand, population growth and a decline in the availability and quality of water sources due to contamination and over-production. The clean water shortage drives water utility companies and consumers to search for new, efficient and sustainable ways to utilize existing water resources.

Biological treatment is fast becoming an industry standard for treatment of drinking water. Most other treatment methods including Reverse Osmosis, Electrodialysis and Ion Exchange separate and transfer the pollution into a concentrate stream, while biological treatment actually solves the problem.

Surface Water
Rivers, lakes and ponds are a major and highly accessible sources of fresh water for small and large communities. Over the years various contaminations polluted these valuable sources and may pose a public health hazard. Aqwise solutions effectively treat such water sources, contaminated with ammonia and low load BOD. Aqwise AGAR® technology is implemented in a large-scale project in India, providing clean potable water from the Yamuna River for over two million inhabitants of Agra, home of the famous Taj Mahal. This project is one of the largest MBBR applications in the world.

Ground Water
Thousands of drinking water wells worldwide have been closed due to contaminations which origin in various sources, mainly due to use of fertilizers and industrial activity. Aqwise proprietary biological solution for well remediation meets the highest global health standards (EPA, EU), while utilizing advanced on-line monitoring and control systems. A major advantage of the solution is that it produces no brine which needs to be removed, which makes the treatment sustainable and viable also in places where brine disposal is highly expensive or not possible.

Main Applications:
 - Nitrate-contaminated well-water
 - Various pollutants, such as Selenium, Perchlorate and exploosives
 - Nitrate-rich brine streams