Case Study – Törley Winery

Case Study: Winery
Client: Törley Winery – Budapest, Hungary
Start-Up: June, 2012
Capacity: 250/300 m3/d -
                  low/high seasons

Törley Winery, one of Hungary’s leading manufacturers of sparkling wine, was required to install a biological treatment plant to reduce loads of BOD & COD discharged to the municipal sewage system.

Main Challenges
The new wastewater treatment plant had to meet two major challenges :

  • Significant seasonal variations in wastewater flows and BOD / COD loads in the winery wastewater between high / vintage season, lasting only 3 months per year, and low / bottling season during the remaining 9 months.
    Increase of flow by 75% and organic load by 200% from low to high seasons.
  • Very limited space available to construct the WWTP

A 2–stage MBBR was installed, with both stages in operation at high season and a single stage in operation at low season.
MBBR reactor size allowed building the plant on the limited space available at site for WWTP construction.