Case Study – Givat Brenner, Israel

Case Study
: Municipal WWTP
Client:  Municipality Of Givat Brenner, Israel
Start Up: October 2010
Capacity: 9,000 m3/d

Four municipalities in the lowland (Shfela) of Israel united in order to construct a conjoint Wastewater Treatment Plant – non existent beforehand.

An efficient and robust design was required in order to achieve high level of treatment with changing influent conditions, including high Nitrogenous load.

The WWTP was designed to treat 9,000 m3/d and result in tertiary treatment level.
An AGAR® IFAS configuration was chosen, in order to ensure a stable process throughout the year, while minimizing overall footprint. 

The plant operates efficiently since start up. Expected growth in inflow can be addressed in existing facility.