Case Study – Nome, Norway

Case Study: Municipal – Upgrade
Client: Municipality of Nome, Norway
Strat-Up: February 2012
Capacity: 2,100 m3/d

New national regulations in Norway required the Municipality of Nome to upgrade a number of wastewater plants within its jurisdiction, to meet stricter requirements for reduction of organic and phosphorus levels in effluents before discharge to surface water (rivers, lakes, fjords).

A 2–stage MBBR was added to the existing WWTP, Sovitt, which included only screening, chemical dosing and primary sedimentation.  The MBBR is designed for effective treatment of wastewater with temperatures as low as 7oC. 
The primary sedimentation basins were converted to secondary clarifiers, with chemical dosing added to ensure phosphorus precipitation.

Since startup the Sovitt WWTP has consistently met, and exceeded, all discharge limits, even during periods with wastewater temperature recorded at less than 6oC.