Case Study – Strazke, Slovakia

Case Study: Municipal – Upgrade
Client: Township of Strazke, Slovakia             
Start-Up: October 2012
Capacity: 530 m3/d

The exisiting wastewater treatment plant required upgrade to meet strict discharge limits imposed with the entry of Slovakia to the European Union, including nitrification and tertiary filtration.

Addition of a new mechanical screens, aerobic reactor with biomass carriers, new air blowers, upgrade of the existing clarifier and addition of tertiray sand filtration to ensure meeting strict discharge limits to enable effluent discharge to the environment.

WWTP Configuration
An AGAR® IFAS configuration was implemented, to ensure efficient nutrification at the low wastewater temperatures recorded at the site, resulting from intrusion of snowmelt to the sewer system.
IFAS was selected over MBBR because of insufficient alkalinity in the incoming wastewater s to ensure sufficient nitrification.

The plant is operating efficiently, meeting low NH4-N limits at wastewater temperatures even below 10oC.