Aqwise’s technology will provide clean drinking water for 2 million residents in the city or Agra, India

Herzliya, Israel, May 2011 Aqwise, provider of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, will provide the technology for a major drinking water treatment project, in the city of Agra, India.

Agra, where the famous Taj Mahal is located, is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River and has about 2 million residents – and is considered one of the most populated cities inIndia. Due to heavy contamination of the river, the drinking water supplied to the city were of extremely poor quality and were a health hazard.

The project, estimated in tens of millions of dollars, includes building a water treatment plant, designed to treat 160,000 m3 per day and supplying drinking water to the entire city. Aqwise’s share of the project is several millions of dollars.

The Aqwise technology, based on biological water treatment for contamination removal, will be implemented in the treatment plant, designed by a major international engineering office. Aqwise was up against several global and well-known water technology companies and its technology was proven to be the most successful and cost effective one.

The use of biological processes in drinking water treatment is becoming more and more popular due to the global tendency to use green technologies for energy saving.

 The Aqwise AGAR® MBBR innovative technology, a result of more than a decade of intensive research & development, is based on biological treatment and combines unique fully open and fully protected biomass carriers with a highly efficient aeration and mixing design. The company technology is successfully implemented in dozens of treatment plants worldwide.

Udi Leshem, Aqwise VP Business Development: “it is an honor that an Israeli technology is being chosen for such a large scale project, out of global well-based water treatment companies, and an even greater pride that a biological process is the one chosen. It is certainly clear that a global recognition for Israeli green technologies has grown oiver the last few years. The project is strategic for Aqwise in several ways – due to its extent and due to the fact that it is an important penetration to the Indian market, and to the drinking water field”.