Aqwise presents next-generation Dynamic Anaerobic and Aerobic (DANA) solution for complete wastewater treatment and efficient energy recovery

Aqwise presents next-generation Dynamic Anaerobic and Aerobic (DANA) solution for complete wastewater treatment and efficient energy recovery:                                         2 systems, 1 reactor, 1 in-line process

The DANA system is a perfect solution for industrial applications in sectors such as Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper and other industrial plants processing high organic loads


The DANA solution combines anaerobic and aerobic biological processes into one in-line process. The system produces a high quality effluent at comparatively low operational costs, while avoiding the need for two parallel biological systems that would otherwise necessitate a significantly larger footprint installation and operational complexity.

The DANA solution was developed jointly with Aqua Explorer ( in the framework of the Eureka R&D and Senter Novem funding and support program.

The innovative DANA solution was developed by two seasoned R&D teams, bringing years of experience in anaerobic, aerobic and biofilm processes. The DANA solution presents a novel approach with diverse operational benefits.

Key DANA Solution Advantages:

  • Efficient COD, BOD and nutrient removal
  • Treatment, operation and control in one unit
  • Simple solid-liquid-gas separation
  • Initial investment and operation costs are relatively small compared to other anaerobic-aerobic technologies
  • Biogas production for energy recovery
  • No odor problems
  • Small sludge yield
  • Small footprint


The anaerobic and aerobic systems are integrated in one reactor. In both treatment steps, the active biomass is concentrated on Aqwise’s Biomass Carriers featuring a unique open structure with a highly protected effective surface area.

The anaerobic stage removes 80 – 85% of the organic matter, while very little sludge is created at this stage. The following aerobic stage treats the rest of the organic load to the required level. Potential odor components are also decomposed at the aerobic stage. The aerobic stage can also be used for Nitrogen removal by nitrification and denitrification processes. The DANA system allows anaerobic and aerobic reactors to be placed one on top of the other, further simplifying the workflow and resulting in a smaller footprint.


WHEN: September 13-17 2010 (Monday-Friday)

WHERE: New Munich Trade Fair Center, Stand 416 in Hall A3.


Mr. Elad Frenkel, CEO of Aqwise said: “We are proud to introduce the innovative DANA solution. We are confident industrial sector clients will find the DANA solution of extreme value to their operational needs.”.

Mr. Reimond Olthof, CEO of AquaExplorer said “The development of the DANA concept is an example of a borderless, creative cooperation between two innovative driven companies, supported by Eureka and Senter Novem. The DANA concept presents a new vision for the wastewater industry.”


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Aqwise is a leading provider of biofilm-based biological processes designed to increase the capacity and efficiency of BOD and nutrient removal in water and wastewater treatment plants. Aqwise’s innovative AGAR® technology is used worldwide for rapid, scalable and economical upgrade of existing plants as well as for new plants which require a limited footprint.

Aqwise’s diverse portfolio of integrated solutions features a complementing set of technologies for effective, robust, cost efficient and small footprint end-to-end solutions. These solutions range from Solids Separation and Sludge Dewatering systems to fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units and package plants.

With dozens of municipal and industrial plants successfully implemented worldwide, Aqwise project deployment methodology and wide range of services are designed to meet global clients’ priorities and operational needs.

The company is headquartered in Israel and has regional offices in Latin America, as well as commercial representation in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Aqwise’s shareholders are AHMSA Steel Israel Ltd., Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. and Israel Cleantech Ventures.


AquaExplorer is a young and rapidly growing high-tech company dedicated to “innovations in water technology”, from idea to market success. One of AquaExplorer’s major assets is its strong focus on Research and Development without losing sight of pragmatic solutions for its customers.

Starting six year ago as a small spin-off business of the Van Hall University, AquaExplorer now is a fully independent company with both the potential and the ambition to develop further towards international markets.