Aerobic treatment for water and wastewater is highly effective and widely in use worldwide.
Aqwise AGAR® (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) technology is a proprieatry process that utilizes biofilm grown on carrier media which aerobically degrade soluble organic pollutants in wastewater.  

The AGAR® IFAS (Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge) process combines conventional activated sludge technology and biofilm systems into a single reactor. In general an IFAS configuration is similar to an activated sludge plant, with biomass carriers utilized in specific stages of the process. This creates a synergy between two distinct biological processes: the MLSS degrades most of the organic load (BOD), and the biofilm creates a strong nitrifying population for oxidation of the nitrogenous load. IFAS is typically used to upgrade existing plants to enhance nitrogen removal, or in the design of new plants to enable extensive BOD and nitrogen removal.