Industrial Solutions

Water and wastewater treatment for the industrial sector requires an in-depth understanding of industry-specific production processes, compliance with applicable local regulations, integration with physical and chemical processes, and high-level of expertise to ensure maximum quality effluent for discharge and reuse up to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).
Aqwise’s solution portfolio is suitable for deployment in a variety of industries, demonstrating process stability in harsh and variable conditions, adapting to ever-changing production needs.

Pulp & Paper is an industry which is renowned for its high water consumption. It is required to meet high levels of wastewater treatment to allow safe discharge and reuse in the production. Aqwise can provide anaerobic, aerobic and hybrid solutions to meet these needs and effectively utilize water and energy resources.
Food & Beverage is a highly diverse industry, and is characterized by variable production processes generating highly loaded wastewater streams and seasonal peak loads. Aqwise offers unique anaerobic and aerobic solutions, which allow plants to meet stringent discharge limits, while ensuring year-round process stability.
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals are industries which consist of complex production processes, and harsh wastewater composition including inhibiting compounds and high salinity. Aqwise expertise in non-standard aerobic technologies offering high resistance to toxic and organic shocks, provide clients with simple and reliable plant operation.
Oil & Gas is an industry which is characterized by high concentrations of fat, oil and grease, as well as soluble organic material such as phenols and aromatic compounds. Aqwise offers and integrated solution for refineries and oil processing, combining intensive solids separation followed by aerobic treatment. This enables scalable facilities anticipating future growth needs.
Aquaculture is a rapidly developing industry. Intensive fish ponds and hatcheries are challenged to achieve high levels of water reuse, requiring unique and efficient treatment for ammonia, COD and solids separation. Aqwise offers tailor-made biological processes and clarification solutions allowing this industry to meet these challenges at a sustainable manner.

Industrial Case Studies