Municipal Solutions

Aqwise solutions enable municipalities to keep pace with urban population growth, increasing regulatory requirements, and the need to reduce daily operation and maintenance expenses and overhead. Aqwise delivers cost-effective technology which helps municipalities to increase treatment capacity, and improve effluent quality with minimal civil works, while adding little or no treatment volume.

Large Scale Solutions and Retrofits

Aqwise solutions, based upon highly advanced biological processes, enable municipal clients to deal with a variety of challenges, such as strict nutrient removal standards as well as space limitations, and produce high-quality effluent for discharge or reuse. The solutions may be implemented within an existing wastewater treatment plant, or designed and constructed as greenfield plants in a number of configurations, depending on local conditions and requirements.

Small & Medium Scale Solutions
Aqwise offers innovative, compact, easy to deploy and simple to operate package plants. The package plants may be offered as pre-assembled or containerized units, which are designed to take advantage of the simplicity and small footprint of the AGAR® technology. Aqwise package plants provide a perfect solution for clients in remote or isolated locations who require to treat and dispose of wastewater with minimal operator attention.
The containerized units are available in 20 ft. and 40 ft. configurations treating up to 200 m3/d with nutrient removal.
The Aqwise compact units are a perfect solution for a variety of clients – such as small or remote communities, industrial and touristic parks, hotels and resorts, gas stations and rest areas, marine Oil & Gas platforms, mining sites and more.  

Municipal Case Studies