Strategic Alliances

Aqwise’s strategic alliances and strong relationships with key industry players as well as important entities, help the company develop a firm client base and best deliver customer value.

DWT – Dutch Water Technologies

Dutch Water Technologies and Aqwise co-established Aqana – a commercial subsidiary. Aqana is based in The Netherlands, and specializes in anaerobic-aerobic solutions for the industrial sector.

“Mekorot” – Israel’s national water company

Aqwise and WaTechTM – Mekorot’s entrepreneurship, investments and partnerships center for water technologies, have an established long-term cooperation for field-testing advanced biological treatment technology for drinking water contamination.


Israel NewTech

Aqwise and Israel NewTech – a national program of Israel’s ministry of Economics & Trade for promoting the country’s water and sustainable energy sectors - have an established and fertile collaboration in order to promote Israel and its technologies worldwide.