The Aqwise Technology

Aqwise solutions are based on a wide range of innovative biofilm-based processes. Aqwise’s technology, a product of over a decade of multidisciplinary theoretical and practical research and development, positioned the company as a world leader in its field.

Aqwise’s solutions include:
AGAR® (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) aerobic solutions include AGAR® MBBR and AGAR® IFAS to enable efficient BOD removal and intensive nutrient removal for both municipal and industrial clients.
DACS® (Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System) anaerobic solutions include the DACS® high-rate anaerobic process and the DACS® DANA process, to enable simple and effective removal of COD and energy recovery for various industrial sectors.

The core elements of the process are the proprietary design parameters, based on field-proven mathematical models, and the Aqwise Biomass Carriers.
Very large surface area for enhanced biological activity (650 m²/m³ effective area).
Highly open external design for optimal mass transfer of substrates.
Applicable for various biological processes – aerobic (BOD, nitrification),
                                  anoxic (denitrification) and anaerobic (high load COD).