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Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Aqwise is a leading global provider of biological wastewater treatment and reuse solutions, as well as water remediation technologies.

The aerobic AGAR® MBBR and AGAR® IFAS and anaerobic DACS® innovative technologies assist our clients to meet strict regulations, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our entire solutions portfolio is based on circular economy principles, enabling cost-efficient retrofit and lower capital investment.

Aqwise - Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

AGAR® family of solutions – well-established carrier-based aerobic technologies for water and wastewater treatment for the municipal and industrial markets.

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Aqwise - Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

DACS® family of solutions – innovative technologies, which turned the common industrial wastewater treatment sector upside down, introducing the biomass carriers into anaerobic treatment.

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Our Portfolio

Case Studies

Municipal Reuse

A new WWTP based on Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Media clarifier technologies provided by Aqwise to Cerro Del Mercado – an Iron ore mine in the north part of Mexico.

Soft Drinks

A new soft drink factory, Coca Cola Icecek, was built in Azebaijan. This plant produces sanitary and industrial streams which require separate efficient treatment before discharge.

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Due to new sewage regulations, a pharmaceutical formulations production site was required to treat its industrial wastewater prior to discharge to the municipal sewage system. Several challenges had to be addressed:

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Dairy, New

A new wastewater treatment plant based on Aqwise AGAR® MBBR – for a major new dairy in China – by Nestle

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Municipal Retrofit

Settecamini is a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Rome, Italy, operated by ACEA.

Aqwise provided upgraded plant, enabling reduction of operational costs.

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Surface Water Treatment

The city of Agra in Northern India and home to the famous Taj Mahal, has been facing a major potable water problem. Aqwise, in collaboration with the Indian engineering firm Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., has designed a physical-biological treatment system. Nowadays the system distributes drinking water to over 2 million residents of the city.

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What's new at Aqwise?

COVID-19 pandemic –
remaining committed to the health and safety of employees and clients

Aqwise is committed to maintaining the health and safety of its worldwide staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as at all times. At the present unprecedented period...
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A new strategic cooperation
between Aqana and Krones

Recently Krones AG and Aqana BV, a member of the Aqwise group, started a joint cooperation to combine unique technologies in the Krones water recycling solution named HydroCircle. Aqana’s proprietary anaerobic DACS® reactor
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Aqwise - Reusing Wastewater in the Lowest Place on Earth!

Reusing wastewater in the
lowest place on Earth!

Aqwise is currently in the final stages of implementing its AGAR® MBCR technology (Moving Bed Clarifying Reactor) on the shores of the famous Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Decentralized wastewater plants continue to be one of the most sustainable and cost-effective...
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