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A new strategic cooperation between Aqana and Krones

A new strategic cooperation
between Aqana and Krones

Recently Krones AG and Aqana BV, a member of the Aqwise group, started a joint cooperation to combine unique technologies in the Krones water recycling solution named HydroCircle.
Aqana’s proprietary anaerobic DACS® reactor will convert the COD in the wastewater into useful biomethane and Krones Hydronomic UF/RO technology will transfer the biologically treated water further into reusable process water ready to be applied in the plant again.
The HydroCircle solution will enable beer and beverage clients to achieve water savings of up to 80% and an energy savings of up to 20%, as well as reducing the overall carbon footprint and significantly improving the environmental impact.

For more information about the HydroCircle please contact Aqana or Krones.



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