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Aqwise AGAR<sup>®</sup> PnP unit<br />at a new luxurious hotel in Southern Israel

Aqwise AGAR® PnP unit
at a new luxurious hotel in Southern Israel

Helping the hospitality sector’s sustainability:

Aqwise is delighted to finalize the commissioning of another AGAR® PnP decentralized prefabricated unit for wastewater treatment at a new luxurious resort in the Arava – in Southern Israel. The remote location on the mountain top and the continuous changes in the resort occupancy presented unique challenges which were answered using our AGAR® family of technologies.

The AGAR® PnP-O is consisted of 2 AGAR® MBBR and AGAR® MC (Media Clarifier), producing high quality effluent. The effluent is being reused for irrigation of the resort’s palm trees. The new AGAR® PnP unit is an additional proof for the economic and environmental advantages of onsite wastewater reuse.

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