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Dairy, New

Dairy, New


The WWTP was constructed as a part of a new dairy in Ginqno China which produces mainly milk. The  plant’s production capacity will  increase in the next  years the leading to expected growth of the influent’s loads.

Dairies’ wastewater which generated from washing of production lines cleaning, are characterized by high concentrations and fluctuations of organic matter, fat and nutrients.

The client required that the new WWTP will address the following challenges:

  • Gradual capacity increase
  • Minimize WWTP footprint
  • Adaption to fluctuations to periodical production changes


The new WWTP based Aqwise on AGAR® MBBR and Media clarifier (AGAR® MC) technologies.

One of the key advantages of the AGAR® MBBR technology is gradual expansion by addition of our ABC media (Aqwise Biomass Carriers) to the operative biological reactors based on “just in-time invesment”. Accordingly, The WWTP was designed for the max flow while the ABC will be added in several stages according to the required capacity.

The WWTP consisted from oil separator, anoxic reactor followed by two aerobic stages and two Media Clarifier (MC), which are operated in parallel.

The media clarifier is a unique patented suspended solids clarification technology, developed especially for treating MBBR effluent. The MBBR effluent characteristics, containing mainly the sloughed-off biomass, are different in particle size distribution and biomass morphology compared to activated sludge. MC has several advantages as simple operation, small footprint and no need for chemicals for sedimentation.


After a startup which lasted few weeks, the AGAR® MBBR & AGAR®MC produced the required effluent standards  including COD, TSS, Ammonia, TN, FOG and TP. The MBBR BNR plant achieved 95-98% COD removal. While receiving up to 150% of spec COD design inlet concentrations. The MBBR process copped well with the subzero ambient temperatures during winter and with deviations in inlet loads due to production changes.


The AGAR® MBBR + MC system allows high and stable removal efficiency of organic loads and solids. The results indicate that the MBBR is capable of meeting regulatory effluent requirements in a compact system and at cold climate. The AGAR® MBBR technology enabled gradual increase of the WWTP capacity without the need of additional civil works.

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