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Decentralized WWTP

Decentralized WWTP


Valkov is  a summer recreational village on the Velka Domasa lake. According to EU directive regulations, the municipality was obligated to treat the wastewater  prior  discharge to a nearby lake. Several challenges had to be addressed:

  • Quick recovery- the system should be able to recover quickly after long shutdown periods and low operation stages.
  • Operating during low temperatures
  • Minimum to non-negative environmental impact.
  • Disinfection without the use of chlorination due to the discharge to the lake


Aqwise designed and manufactured a containerized WWTP which included a two-stage AGAR® MBBR process (which can recover in a few hours) followed by a Media Clarifier (MC) for solids separation and UV for disinfection.  The isolated 40 ft. containerized unit, enables minimal environmental impact and copes with very low temperature during the cold seasons. The WWTP was prefabricated as a plug & play system as was shipped to the site after cold start up at the manufacuring facility.


After a quick start up of sevral weeks, the effluent’s quality successfully met the EU directive standards, with COD, BOD5 and NH4-N removal of 75%, 89% and 87%, respectively. The MBBR coped very quickly with inlet quality and flow fluctuations.


The containerized WWTP based on the AGAR® MBBR & Media clarifier produced high quality effluent according to the EU directive.  The system coped well with the seasonal changes in flows and loadings and allows high and stable removal efficiency of organic loads and solids.

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