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Fruit processing – Anaerobic treatment

Fruit processing – Anaerobic treatment


The orange processing company ZUVAMESA (Zumos Valencianos del Mediterrane), located in Sagunto in Valencia, Spain – is a producer of orange juice and orange by-products. The company had to increase effluent treatment capacity without having to expand the size of the treatment facilities. The new treatment system had to reduce the average cost for wastewater treatment. Suez Water Spain and Zuvamesa have been working together for over two years on the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant.


To save on investment costs for their client, AQANA B.V, an Aqwise company specializing in anaerobic wastewater treatment – designed and commissioned for Zuvamesa the DACS® Retrofit reactor.
In this concept, the anaerobic reactor is integrated in the existing infrastructure as is stainless steel tank, piping, pump and controls.

DACS® anaerobic technology for wastewater treatment in this case allows the biogas produced in the process, to be recovered as an energy source. Energy costs are also reduced compared with aerobic purification (as there is no need to aerate the reactor), the volume of sludge generated is reduced and the necessary footprint to treat the effluent is smaller.

DACS® also allows treating effluent with high organic load, such as in juice manufacturing processes, optimizing the economic balance of the factory with a high-effective robust system.


Thanks to the robust and flexible design of the DACS® reactor, the installation provides high-quality performance, and is capable of running also during low-season on 30-50% of the design criteria with a COD reduction of >85%.

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