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Municipal Retrofit

Municipal Retrofit


Settecamini is a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Rome, Italy. The WWTP, operated by ACEA, was based on the Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) technology, treating 2,500 m3/d.

Due to population growth, the WWTP was required to almost double its treatment capacity up to 4,500 m3/d. It was also required to improve its effluent quality in order to meet nutrient limits of the EU directive.


Upgrade the Activated Slude into Intergrated Fixed Fim Activated Sludge (IFAS). The IFAS process combines the benetfites of the CAS and MBBR technologies.  The upgrade lasted for one month and included reactor division with internal walls, installation of wedge wire screens, introducing Aqwise biomass carriers &  diffusers arrangement.

The usage of fine-bubble diffusers (unique to Aqwise) enabled reduction of operational costs.


After a quick start-up of less than a week, the AGAR® IFAS and CAS trains treated 2,000 m3/d each. The improvement in effluent TN at the IFAS train is significant as the IFAS achieved 86% removal compared to 64% by the CAS. Before the IFAS upgrade several significant deviations in Ammonia levels were observed (up to 300% from the required level), while after the IFAS was operated, effluent levels were 7% below the discharge requirements.


The AGAR® IFAS upgrade of the municipal WWTP allowed new effluent requirements to be successfully achieved in the same existing biological reactor volume. AGAR® IFAS has a high and stable removal efficiency of organic loads and nitrogen compounds. In addition, the client indicated that the IFAS train is more stable and easy to operate.

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