Case Studies
Municipal Upgrade

Municipal Upgrade


Population growth in a medium-large province in Western China, populating approximately 200,000 people, and more stringent discharge standards – led to the need for increased wastewater treatment capacity. Winter season in the area is very cold, with ambient temperatures dropping to -20oC. This creates difficult conditions to achieve sufficient nitrification in the WWTP, which is needed in order to meet the new discharge standards. A feasibility study determined that the MBBR is the most cost effective technology.


The configuration of the new plant is consisted of two parallel lines of Aqwise’s AGAR® MBBR-BNR and secondary clarifiers, each with a capacity of 10 MLD. In addition to the process design, Aqwise scope of supply included  Aqwise biomass carriers (ABC), MBBR screens, mechanical mixers for anoxic zones, clarifier scraper mechanisms, sludge conveyors and instrumentation.

Commissioning was carried out under Aqwise support for 3 weeks.


Effluent quality show that COD and Ammoniacal nitrogen in the final effluent are well within the required discharge limits, indicating that the AGAR® MBBR-BNR process is working well, and meets the project objectives.

Effluent from the new WWTP is directed to a large reservoir, producing a new water source, which is used for irrigation of the nearby agricultural fields.

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