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Surface Water Treatment

Surface Water Treatment


The city of Agra in Northern India and home to the famous Taj Mahal, – has been facing a major potable water quality problem for many years. The city, which has about 2 million residents, relies on a large river – The Yamuna River – as its drinking water source. Due to sewage and industrial effluents that are continuously discharged into the river – the levels of soluble pollutants in the river water are extremely high. The two existing water treatment plants, based on conventional physico-chemical treatment, were unable to reduce pollutant concentrations to the required levels for safe potable use.


Aqwise, in collaboration with the Indian engineering firm Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., has designed a physical-biological treatment system – in order to treat the river polluted water. The system consists of pretreatment units, a Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) designed for removal of soluble pollutants and an Ultra Filtration system for solids separation prior to disinfection of the treated water. The treated water is then supplied to the drinking water distribution system of the city – supplying clean potable water for all to use.


The system provides high quality purified drinking water, whose quality meets the required norms and regulations.


Aqwise’s technology enables potable water supply to the 2 million residents of the city of Agra, India.

The facility in Yamuna is one of the largest MBBR applications in the world and it is a highly innovative biological drinking water system.

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